Calling All Homeowners With No Design Skills

Dated: 04/19/2017

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If you're either looking at homes, just bought a home, or perhaps even thinking of selling your home and you have NO CLUE how to make it look good... this blog article was meant for you.

Some people have an eye for design, and others... well they think they do and fail miserably or know they have no clue and seek help. I'm a Realtor, not a stager or interior designer. I can pick out what most people will think is terrible, but with a blank canvas, it's primarily up to the people who are interested in living in the home. My opinions count, but only have a true impact if my style aligns with the customer/clients.

Also, even though I've seen thousands of homes and do this for a living, I know I'm not the person for everyone and that's where it's important to have the tools to help succeed. Most are common knowledge, but a few stand out as completely obscure to most people and I want to shed light on why they matter.


Everything you do relating to a home is a project, can I get an AMEN? Doesn't it make sense that you treat it like one? Well, Evernote if you haven't already used it, is a way to help you organize your thoughts, pictures, websites, everything so you never have to worry about forgetting to write something down.

I have seen 30 houses in a day, and I can't tell you 3125 Argyle from 2351 Gargoyle without being able to organize things effectively. When I started using Evernote, it made the task less challenging. I can tell you which people look at what homes, things they like about them, and to top it all off if a person I'm working with uses Evernote they can share those thoughts about the house with me! It's seriously an amazing way to really learn what people want, not just assuming or speculating.

Since Evernote integrates with almost every website in existence, if you see something you like on FaceBook or Instagram or anywhere else online, you can save it and tag it for later.  Plus, it works with Android, iOS (Apple), iPad, computer, Chromebooks, any device that's considered smarter than a Jitterbug and you can save your notes to be retrieved wherever you are.

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Nextdoor is a bit of a stretch but allow me to explain: It's safer than Craigslist because you know where the people you're dealing with live, you often find furniture and decorations that people are getting rid of (hint hint), and as a Realtor it's a gem for posting Open Houses that I want people to visit.

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For a free site, I love what it enables me to do and it's pretty much the only way these days to connect with your neighbors (and potentially get to see the inside of their homes) outside of doorknocking with fruitcakes.

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Open Houses

Color me crazy, but when I want ideas for how to decorate I can go to IKEA, Lowes, look through some random Home and Garden magazine, websites like Houzz.... but the place few people consider are Open Houses!

Open houses are the perfect place to see how real people chose to decorate their house, not a design studio. You may have stagers and Realtors provide a subtle amount of influence, but most often they are using furniture that was already in the home as a guide. This may not give you a lesson in style, but I guarantee it will spark ideas for what you can do to your home or what you may want in your next house.

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Popular Websites for Interior Design

If you still feel the need to just look online, because #netflix, then click any of these other sites to start browsing:

Houzz is basically a Pinterest for your house needs. It categorizes your likes into projects, you can share with others, and it really stands out as a feature rich platform for ideas to flourish.

Zumper only shows apartments, but many of them are decorated better than some of the million dollar homes I've seen. Worth a look for ideas. has two sections that might be of interest: Trends and Unique Homes. Take a look at both to get your creative juices flowing.

Zillow has one redeeming quality and it's their Design tab on the website. They spend a lot of time and money getting people to look at it, so you know it's at least pretty good.

HomeSnap lets you take a picture of a house with your phone, and find out information about it like how much it's worth and if it's for sale it shows what it looks like inside. You can't really do this from your couch, but it's a great alternative to actually walking into open houses.

Pinterest, the mother of all idea sites at least here in 2017. If you haven't joined yet, don't. Once you get sucked into the Matrix, it is near impossible to get out.

Yes, I do like comments and suggestions. Tell me what you think of this post.

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